If you ever need to pull individual statics for vLAN Traffic on a VMNIC. You need to access the esxcli command for a quick way to see the data.

Access the the ESXi host via SSH.

Then we need to enable statistic collection on the NIC, so run the command to enable the stats on vmnic0

esxcli network nic vlan stats set -e true -n vmnic0

This has enabled stats on this nic, now run this command to get the per vlan Info

esxcli network nic vlan stats get -n vmnic0

This will return a list of traffic on per vlan basis

   Packets received: 3274
   Packets sent: 24

VLAN 400
   Packets received: 14334203
   Packets sent: 12547

VLAN 500
   Packets received: 3330475941
   Packets sent: 12548751

VLAN 800
   Packets received: 538680670
   Packets sent: 6564646

Don’t forget to disable the collection once you have finished troubleshooting

esxcli network nic vlan stats set -e false -n vmnic0

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